Flickr updted with old stufff….

Forgot to mention, Flickr is now featuring all my old sketches, if anyone wants to get a feel for what I can do (*prays someone wants a custom order character portrait*) MRC@Flickr


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Girl Chick has arrived!

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she’s so cute!

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Things I’ve bought & where they go!

So I was thinking about the little bits and bobs I’ve spent my spare pennies on on folksy and decided to make a quick post about where theyve been used!

First was this teeny tiny bag charm I bought from here: which i instantly fell in love with, and has been on my favourite big handbag ever since!

Next were these tiny gorgeous buttons in shades of green, which are so special I’ve only used one so far! which is the destash centre for the wonderful TrinketBox:

and I also bought some pretty little bits from Fairy Supplies of which one has so far  gone into my Shiro

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Roger the rat!

I’ve been working on Roger for a few days, and I’m sooooooooooooo in love with him. He’s lovely and bristly, and has such character in his little baby rat face! I love his little fatty pot belly too! Plus, he’s adorable curled up in his sleeping position. The other half *did* say he loooked like a brillo pad, poor Roger! Available for purchase here:

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Amigurumi cuteness

Just in time for Easter I’ve finalised a design I came up with. A teeny fluffy chick in its own cracked egg! You can hatch your baby over and over again ❤ Buy them here :

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